Beach & Environmental

Beach cleaning, reclamation and profiling

We fill, profile, protect and clean beaches to provide a high quality and safe environment for swimming and marine sports activities.


Where beaches have been contaminated with silt, possibly due to the material used for the beach reclamation, we can process this material to remove the finer material and again, convert it to a more acceptable beach quality material. We will also remove unsuitable material, re-grade the slope of the beach and shallow water areas, then supply and install beach quality sand to improve the overall appearance and quality of the beach.

Soft ground conditions

Specialist equipment for soft ground conditions such as swamps and mangroves.

We have a variety of swamp mats and specialist crawler equipment for accessing the soft ground areas of the mangroves and swamps around the coastal areas.

A lot of our works have been in difficult areas where we have had to develop the methodology and equipment for carrying out the works. We have therefore built up over the years a considerable inventory of specialist equipment for unusual marine and coastal works. Some of that equipment is listed below.

Dredging and trenching.

We have an assortment of lightweight and shallow draft, back-hoe dredging and trenching equipment.

This equipment is used for dredging and trenching for access channels burring cables and pipelines, especially in areas such as mangroves and swamps where other more conventional floating dredging equipment would require over-dredging for access. Most of this equipment has a range of attachments such as.

  • Rock cutting attachments for trenching and dredging in hard ground.
  • Submersible dredge pumps for pumping sand and mud from trenches and channels.
  • Piling equipment for installing marina piles or sheet pile walls.


Swamps and Mangroves.

We have numerous machines that are capable of carrying out works in soft ground conditions such as that found in Mangroves and swamps. We have lightweight wheeled equipment and heavier duty tracked equipment for transportation of cargo as well as excavation and other construction works. Several of these units are specifically configured for wading through shallow water areas where other more conventional equipment cannot reach.

Breakwaters and coastal erosion protection systems.

We can design and construct breakwaters for the protection of coastal facilities such as marinas, etc.

We can also install groynes and other coastal defences for the protection of beaches and other coastline facilities against coastal erosion. Other coastal erosion facilities that we install include composite sheet piles walling systems.


Marine heavy lift works, plus load-outs of heavy structures onto barges, etc.

We can provide the engineering services, equipment and supervision for the placing of offshore structures such as precast concrete intake heads, or for loading of heavy equipment onto barges, etc.



Navigational aids and markers

We can design, supply and install different types and sizes of marine buoys. These buoys can be for a variety of functions such as:-


  • Navigational aids for shipping to mark channels, marine hazards, obstructions, shallow waters, construction areas, etc. both permanent and temporary.
  • Environmental monitoring buoys for monitoring the water quality in areas around coastal construction sites and developments or other sensitive areas such as mangroves.
  • Survey equipment buoys for monitoring the tidal levels, flows, wave height, etc.
  • Pollution containment or monitoring buoys and barriers.
  • Boat race markers.
  • Restricted zone markers.


In addition to the supply and installation works, we can also maintain the buoy systems including their anchor systems, navigational lights, batteries and solar panels, etc.


Environmental monitoring buoys that were deployed around the coastal areas of Abu Dhabi for monitoring the water quality in selected areas. These areas included coastal industrial sites and ecologically sensitive sites of mangroves, etc.



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