Salvage and wreck removal.

We can undertake salvage and wreck removal works including cargo transfer and recovery and wreck disposal.
We have undertaken a number of successful salvage and wreck removal operations using heavy lift barges, tugs, diving support vessels, buoyancy systems, etc.
We can provide a service to owners or underwriters to locate and recover lost equipment. including cargo recovery and transfer.

The salvage of a 60 Mt. dredging dump barge that sank in 2002 in Mussafah.
The sunken split barge was raised from its submerged position using a combination of winching and ballast lifting.

Repair, re-floating and removal for scrap of a 33,000 tonne crude carrier that was sunk in shallow water during the Iran Iraq war in the 1980’s.
The project took 4 months to complete and required over 340 tonnes of steel repairs to re-float the stricken tanker.

Installation of floating marine barriers.

We can supply and install various types of floating booms and barriers that have a number of functions such as:-

  • Marine security barriers to prevent unauthorized marine access to restricted areas.
  • Demarcation barriers for the separation of marine traffic flows.
  • Oil and debris booms to contain floating oil and debris.
  • Silt barriers to contain silt and sediment during marine construction works including dredging.

Demolition and removal

A common requirement in the improvement of shoreline facilities is the removal, in part or total of older structures. Along with the removal of old marine structures such as bridges, we can also provide some temporary facilities until the new ones are completed.


Construction of jetties, harbours, quay walls, etc.

We can undertake sub-contract works for the completion of specific marine construction works such as piling, foundation work, quay wall block setting, etc. in support of a main contractors civil construction project.


Design, construction and installation of specialist facilities.

We have designed, built and installed specialist structures like lifeboat stations, seawater fire pump stations to fire ground training modules.

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