Submarine Pipelines

Submarine cables and pipelines.

We will install submarine cables and water pipelines and construct seawater intakes and outfalls along the coastal areas of the UAE.

We can lay submarine pipelines and cables below the seabed level by either trenching or by horizontal directional drilling. We can also install precast concrete offshore intake heads for seawater intakes.

Typically the works for pipeline installation includes the following:-

Onshore welding of the pipeline strings, usually with butt-fusion welding machines. Then assembly of the pipeline weight collars onto the pipe with hydro-testing of the pipe strings.

The trenching works are normally carried out using barge mounted excavators or submersible trenchers, but in areas where it is required to have the pipeline much deeper below the seabed, the preferred method of installation is by Horizontal Directional Drilling. This is often required when the pipeline route Passes across:

Coral reef, mangroves, or other environmentally sensitive areas.

Busy shipping channels where marine construction works or ships anchors could damage the pipeline.

Areas where there is a future plan to deepen the waterway by dredging. The pipeline can be placed fare enough below the existing seabed level to allow for future dredging works.

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